Did I repeat myself? Did I repeat myself?

Nobody makes a purchase after 1 call.
It takes seven (ten? twenty?) interactions to create some sort of brand awareness.
Kids need 5 wake up calls before getting out of bed.

The hard truth is that things don’t happen by saying them once…or twice…This is as valid in business as in the rest of life.

Startups move so quickly that things often get overlooked, forgotten, deprioritized, re-evaluated or simply disregarded.

Operationally exceptional startups focus on easy to digest priorities and then set them on repeat until they are part of everyone’s conversations.

It is not good enough to write them down, talk about them once in a meeting and then assume everyone understands and will execute.

Repeat them everywhere.
Repeat them every time.
Repeat them until you hear them coming back to you from everyone.