Making it manual

Senior team updates are important. Strike that. Senior team updates are VERY important. Something of this importance should not be left to automation.

This is a theme that comes up quite a bit as LLMs and AI infiltrate company processes however it isn’t new. In every company, at every stage I hear the same refrain over and over: “why not just export from [[insert software package here]]? It’s easier.”

I’ll tell you why.


It’s too easy to not own your shit. How do you defend a number or think about what the ramifications of including that number in a report is if it is automated? When the senior team meets there should be no speculation about what a number means or is. There should be no unknowns as to why a number changed. There should be complete confidence, with a stamp of authenticity, when a number hits a report that is being shown to the rest of the senior team.

Knowing the numbers means THINKING about the numbers. Automation removes 99% of the importance of what that number means and 99% of the reason for the role…