You are born with it

When I was 12 I was 5 years into magician lessons. I was also doing magic shows for kids my age and getting paid.

When I was 18 I made and sold cheesecakes to local restaurants.

When I was 19 I installed sounds systems and provided ambient music to local restaurants.

When I was 22 I started my first software company.

When I was 51 I co-founded my current company.

I’ve never taken a single course on “being an entrepreneur”.

I’ve always looked at what’s missing from my surroundings and wondered how I can make something to solve for it.

I’ve always been scrappy, suspicious, independent, miserly, ambitious, reckless and optimistic.

I was born an entrepreneur and had the joy of realizing it at an early age to nurture it and torture my family.

You don’t learn how to be one. You are one.