Why you aren’t growing

This is a quick reminder of the simple principles that govern startup business life.

Humans and startups need to grow. If either are not growing, it’s not them, it’s you.

If you feel you have hit a plateau or aren’t able to perform beyond that level in your role, it isn’t right for you.

If your business is having a hard time finding or keeping customers, it hasn’t found the pocket (also known as product/market fit).

Both require SERIOUS contemplation and even more serious action.

A ball player has a hard season, underperforming at every level. He is traded to another team or signs for a below-average 1-year deal then lights up the league the following year.

A company struggles to survive for years only to pivot into a new approach or model or vertical and becomes a household name.

There is only so much pushing and prodding and self-delusion that can be masked before reality sets in. Nothing grows by force and sheer will for long.

Are you in the right role but the wrong company? Find the right company.

Is your business fighting in a market of 1 or 1000? Pivot to where the demand has been demonstrated or specialize in a vertical.

Growth will not come to those who settle and wait.