Take the right advice

I have sought and taken advice from so many people for so many different milestones over a lifetime of being an entrepreneur and a parent.

A lot of it stuck. The rest allowed self-doubt and fear to creep into my mind — sometimes paralyzing my ability to get moving on things.

Two characteristics of worthy advice is that it comes from someone who has actually done a semblance of what you are trying to accomplish and that you are actually seeking it.

If you are about to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, seek advice and guidance from an entrepreneur (or 10) — preferably someone you’d like to model.

If you are trying to raise funding for your startup, seek advice and a system from someone that has successfully raised that type and stage of funding.

If you are starting a family, seek advice from other modern parents.

Unsolicited or unqualified advice is free but damaging. .

Seeking specific advice for specific things from specific people cuts out the ambiguity and reduces friction — all while crushing the self-doubt.