Embrace the silence

Great interviewers know that silence is a tool. They don’t feel the need to fill the space left by a question or an answer. They soak in it and keep their mouths shut.

Silence is the most powerful tool to harness but the hardest to resist. It is uncomfortable and cries for us to end it.

Don’t. Embrace the silence.

Every word that comes after the silence will have the most impact. It will be the thing that everyone remembers so choose those words wisely.

If you are letting someone go from their job, don’t end the silence by saying “you were a great employee”

If you are admonishing someone for missing their targets, don’t end the silence by letting them off the hook with “I know you tried your hardest”

It is human nature to relieve the silence with throw-away words to get closure. Resist that temptation.