Business actualization is bullshit

There is no “end”, just a start and a whole lot of grey.

I interviewed over 400 people in the early days of the mobile industry about how to build a business for smartphones. They all basically told me the same thing.

This is what I’m trying to do and this is what I’m trying in order to get there.

The idea that the business that forms in your head will look like that business in reality is clearly the most insane thing you will think. There is no version of reality where that happens.

What will happen is you will start, get punched in the face 100 times, question your sanity, make adjustments to your strategy, business model and business along the way. Many times over.

You may be in the same industry you started and serving the same type of customers but all other similarities are a fluke.

Building a business is not linear and, most importantly, never done.