The Entrepreneur Mindset

I’ve never really thought about what “being” an entrepreneur means. I figured it was pretty simple — you were one or your weren’t.

In my early 20’s I spent time volunteering at our local Entrepreneurship Centre. It was around the time our Federal Government (as a capital city, government is a huge employer) was doing a massive layoff and many of those affected were coming in for advice on how to start their own business.

I was young and had zero responsibilities. They weren’t but they were eager and did have a large buyout while they tested their ideas.

This is where I realized that my thinking was dramatically different from most people when it came to building something from nothing. Everything to them was an obstacle, everything to me was an opportunity. Every challenge made them stop and contemplate if they could overcome/learn it, while I would never give it consideration — I would figure it out.

This trait — or naiveté — is something that can’t be taught and is probably the most important factor in entrepreneurship. You need to be able to ignore the truths of today, to get past the constraints of the way things are currently being done and be able to “see” the other side. Ignorance is bliss and an entrepreneurial weapon.

I still think the same way — even with a house and kids and adult responsibilities. The mindset does not come and go, it simply is there like a superpower or a disease depending on the day.