Politics is a dirty word

As the US and potentially Canada gear up for elections, the ideological divisions are obviously quite deep. Each side feels that theirs is the righteous one and their party alone is the one that speaks the truth.

A simple fact is that, since the invention of politics in prehistoric times, it has been on a slow (but rapidly increasing) run to bankruptcy and the way that politicians operate has followed suit. To cast a vote today means assuming a baseline of bullshit from both sides and then understand what their vision is for the country. What will it look like on their last day in office, not their first.

It may be cynical to think this way but to be a politician you say what is needed to get where you need to go. If that succeeds then the real agenda can be implemented — for good or bad, depending on your viewpoint.

Left or right, an ideological vote is more powerful and spreads faster than an educated vote. Just don’t be fooled by the facade on either side.