Don’t hate the VC

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of hating on VCs if you are a startup looking for funding. It’s easy to wonder how they don’t see the brilliance of your business, the potential of your product. It’s easy to diminish their viewpoint and to dismiss their rejection as idiocy.

It’s easy because they don’t understand what you have. They don’t get it. They don’t see it.

The harsh truth is that for 99.9% of us this is completely wrong. They see it for what it’s worth and, for all but that 0.01%, it is not appealing enough an opportunity to invest.

Your business is either not ready or not a business that most VCs will put money into.

It is not them. It is you. Something is missing. Something is not lining up to their investment thesis or what the market is telling them.

They may have a mandate to invest but they are looking for the best of the best to offer a return to their investors. They invest to make money, not to support destitute entrepreneurs.

To receive money from a VC is to have built something worthy of other people’s money — it is not a right, it is not a requirement and it certainly is not for everyone.